Lessons from Granddad and His Sheep - "Desiring a Flock"

    One thing that is very obvious from watching sheep is that sheep desire to be in a flock – to be a part of the group or their community. Sheep do not want to be alone, or by themselves. If you watch a flock of sheep in a pasture, you will notice how closely they graze to one another. There may be acres and acres in the field, but all the sheep will be grazing within a small area – together.   Read More…


    I can remember my dad being a firm believer in Road Atlas books. He carried one in every one of his vehicles and was always marking them up on the trips that he would make. Even when MapQuest and others like it became more popular, my dad stuck to his books. He was a firm believer in them and the notes that he had made. I would roll my eyes when I got one for Christmas, but looking back, I wish he was still here to give them.

    We try and map out our plan for life, where we will live, what we will do, and so forth. But how many times do we take the extra time to pray to God for guidance and wisdom in these plan makings? We may often think that our plans line up with the Lord’s, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, God’s plan is different. The plans that we make don’t always work out in the way we imagined. God has something better. His plan is always better for us, greater than anything we could ever come up with.

    As you make your plans for life, take time to discuss it with the Lord. It may be that your small plan lines up with what the Lord has in mind, but if not, then be encouraged knowing that His plan is so much better.

The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.Proverbs 16:9




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AM – What can be learned from Sodom & Gomorrah (Genesis 18:20-19:26)
PM – He must Increase but I must Decrease (John 3:22-30)


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AM – A Test of Obedience (Genesis 22:1-18)
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AM – A Troubled Family (Genesis 27)
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AM – Validity of Scripture Part 2 (Genesis 49:1-28)
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AM – Spring Forward!!! (Philippians 3:12-14)
PM – Singing
• 18th
AM – 400 Years Laters (Exodus 3:1-15)
PM – Thinking about God’s Love (John 4:23-24)
• 25th
AM – The Knowledge of the Lord (Exodus 7-11)
PM – How We Approach Life (John 4:27-42)
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