Living Like a Pilgrim

In his first letter to his Christian friends in Asia Minor, Peter encourages them to live like pilgrims. They aren’t home; they are wandering in this world, awaiting the time when they can go home to live with their Father.

We need the same attitude if we are to make it home. We need to hold onto this world’s good and pleasures lightly, not greedily. We need to know (and daily remind ourselves) “this world is not my home. I’m just a–passing through.”

This is not an easy assignment. At first glance, the things of this world seem very real, very substantial, and very important. But they are fleeting at best, and at worst, they drag us down by taking our eyes off of true and eternal riches.

That car, that new house, that pretty woman may seem like something you should pursue. But none of them can really satisfy your longing for something that will last and be an unmixed blessing. Of course, any of these may possibly be a means to the peace and satisfaction that you long for, but only if you build an attitude toward then and a relationship with them that says God is first and the things of this world, no matter how good, can only be aids to our relationship with God, not replacements for God.

- Phil